Open League

Badminton League Hasta La Vista is a cyclical game, individual that rely on queues rozgrywaniu league average every two weeks on the weekends.
A player shall be submitted on a particular queue league and is then assigned to one of the groups, taking into account his level of play. Battles are played in groups of system, “everyone with everyone”. Having completed all the groups in the league round, each player receives points for the cumulative ranking of the league. The value of points depends on the space taken in a particular group. Points well taken place in the group are the basis of spacing of players in the league the next queue.
The main advantage of the league is that the fights are accumulated over time, ie, the player comes to about 2.5 hours, which takes place within all of their matches.
Badminton League will begin in late 2012. Soon will be given details of the competition.
Persons interested in participating should contact: m.wojnarski @