1. League Squash Hasta La Vista (summer 2012) is a series of nine queues league. Queues are played on average every two weeks on Sunday hours. 10.00. Players report to a specific queue. Upon notification, each player is assigned to one of the six-group (LIG) having regard to its level of play.

2. Signing up for any queue league is tantamount to acceptance of regulations

3. Submissions to the queue league can be made until Thursday before each turn to hours. 20:00 to: m.wojnarski @
The application should indicate the name and phone number.

4. A player may register for each turn of the condition, ie with the exception that, for example, can play only after hours. 14:10 – in which case the application is valid only if, after assigning it to the group – the matches are fought in hours, which he described. Otherwise, the application shall be deemed null and void

5. Entry fee for each turn league is:
– 40 zł
– 25 zł for cardholders Multisport Plus, Ok System, Fitprofit, fitflops
The fee must be paid at the reception the club before the start of league games.

6. In case of cancellation after the deadline of applications a player from participating in the queue – it is required to pay entry fees for the queue. Do not keep it also points to a ranking of the league.

7. Competitor abstaining from participation after the date of notification shall be exempt from the fee for it, when it finds its place on the alternate. Vice does not need a ranking of the league to allow participation in a group, there must also be a regular participant in the league squash.

8. The allocation to the groups decide on a specific queue in turn:
– Performance in the previous line squash league – the league winner is guaranteed promotion; loser drop
– Wild card organizer
– The average number of points from the last two games played by a player queues league – are counted as points of unofficial league squash queue Hasta La Vista
– Performance in the last round
– Total points from the previous queue
– Second place in the groups in the previous line squash league positions are “protected” – that are guaranteed to remain in the league

9.Each group (6 players), playing games, “everyone with everyone” within about 2 hours. In special cases, they can count 4,5,7 or 8 players.
10.After playing queue league players receive points for the Ranking League Table in the “score”

11.Points were awarded to alternate or wild card player must win a minimum of two matches in the league – not walkowerami.

12. When a league has seven players – the player who takes 7th place receives
two points less than the player with 6 positions in the ligue.

13. When the league has eight players – the player with position 8 is about two points less than the player with the 7 position in the group.

14. The player winning the group is guaranteed promotion to the higher group;
losing a drop to a lower. Rise or fall are only valid for the next league matchday. The other players decide the allocation of the average of the last two games played by a player turns. In addition, item 2 in the league provides to remain in the league.

15. The organizer has the right to qualify a player to a group of more or less than is apparent from the average of the last two turns, especially if significant changes in number of league groups over the last few turns into the final rankings are taken into account the 7 best występów

16. Terms playing queues in summer 2012 are listed in the “Schedule”

17. Points from each queue are added together. After playing all nine queues

18. After playing the last – nine in the queue – October 14, the best players will be awarded trophies and prizes at the closing ceremony of the summer season Squash League.

19. Competitors taking part in competitions squash leagues agree to take pictures and record video with their participation and posting photos and video on the Internet by the organizer

20. The participants agree to place their personal data (name) on the website

21. Hasta La Vista Club is not responsible for any injuries, injuries and damage to health of athletes taking part in the competition. Competitors take part in a league of their own responsibility.

22. Hasta La Vista Club reserves the right to change these Rules

Any information about the League Squash Hasta La Vista gives Marek Wojnarski: tel 668 121 484, E-mail: m.wojnarski @